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Welcome to the Bethel UMC Church

Over 152 years ago three churches came together to form and build what is now Bethel-Oswego UMC. During this span of years people have come and gone. Some have never known any other "House of God", which is the meaning of the word Bethel. Others have come and planted themselves firmly into the community which most who live here still call "Oswego." I came to this beautiful place as the next Pastor of Bethel-Oswego, knowing that I follow a long line of gifted pastors who have been blessed by this place. I wait in eagerness for my life to be changed and transformed as my roots begin to take shape and begin to grow into this rich and fertile place in the Midlands of South Carolina. Many changes have occurred since Methodists first began to populate this sacred land.

Over the years changes have been made to the church as changes have occurred in the community. Change is just a part of the nature God has adorned His creation with in this little corner of the world where many farmers still plan their lives around the season of the year. Seasons come and seasons go which is what you see as you live in this place day-to-day, week-to-week, and year-to-year. Change is always a part of our life in every time and every place. But some things stand the test of time. Bethel's love of Christ, love for each other, and the love that reaches out and embraces others will never change. It is rooted into the rich soil that is made up of the people of Bethel-Oswego UMC and the community in which this church was planted. In the time that I have been here, I recognize a deep blessing I have already received as a gift. I am sure if you ask anyone who has come into the life of Bethel-Oswego they will tell you the same thing. To be a part of this church and its community is to be a part of sharing in the love and grace Christ has blessed this community of faith with. Our hope is that during some season of your life you will give this rich blessing a try.

Jeremy Howell
Jeremy Howell, Pastor